Sweet Brown is a hit!

Random blog post.

I remember seeing this clip shortly after the news airing about a fire in Oklahoma City. It’s been a few weeks, and in that time Sweet Brown got her cold pop, and became a hit from auto tuned versions of the clip. Here are my two favorites, enjoy:




100 things I just learned #2

I’m a light reader.

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I used to think of myself as someone who liked to read a lot. In reality, I read small portions and digest little bits of information, one at a time. Getting my Joyce Meyer magazine today made me realize that. I mean, Pastor Joyce is just really awesome, pouring out so much content. I like a lot of things as per writing and books, but I can hardly keep up. So, I guess the Enjoying Everyday Life magazines work just fine for me.

If you’re a light reader like me, I’m sure you’ll enjoy reading them; you can always get yourself a free subscription here.



Social Media: Character Limits

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I was just perusing my Facebook news feed as usual some minutes ago, and for some reason I recalled how tedious it can get to read some status updates. Now, for me, the word “tedious” brings to mind status updates and notes I have come across in the last few years. I recently started tweeting actively, and I very much recall a time in the past when Facebook had a character limit for status updates (if you remember this, raise your hands and say “aye!”). Some part of me misses those days, particularly because of how some can cause unrest with the quality of posts they put out there. And I mean that literally; else, how do you explain logging on to Facebook to relax after a full day of actively engaging your mind, only to be assaulted with different forms of literary jargon? Continue reading Social Media: Character Limits

100 things I just learned #1

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I did not know there was a Lingerie Football League (LFL)… at least not before I saw on WSB-TV’s action news that the league would forego the 2012 season.

Wow, I always wondered if women played American Football… I just did not expect there would be any playing in lingerie.




Resurrection Sunday

So, it’s Resurrection Sunday! How did you spend this day?

If you celebrated (or are celebrating) the Passover this period, I wish you a very happy celebration as well.

(Oh wow, I just discovered that there are two Easters in a year: Western and Orthodox. Interesting. I guess I’ll read more about that.)

Was at Church much earlier in the day and the children were ah-mazing with their presentations. I have to say, they always bless me with their innocent little ways. One little girl whom I think must have missed the rehearsals helped herself onto the stage, when she saw her age group on there, and started her own sound check on the mic. It was hilarious, and she was totally not done when the others filed out. Continue reading Resurrection Sunday

Bridging The Divide

As always, I wear my Nigerian identity proudly. However, it is pretty interesting to find that even though we herald many different heroes for their efforts and fight against racism and slavery, some fellow Nigerians are still insistent on keeping inter-tribal rifts freshly dug. One that comes to my attention every now and then, and of which I have grown tired of hearing about, is the age-long quarrel between the Yorubas and the Igbos. Haba, this matter no dey end sef? Continue reading Bridging The Divide