Bridging The Divide

As always, I wear my Nigerian identity proudly. However, it is pretty interesting to find that even though we herald many different heroes for their efforts and fight against racism and slavery, some fellow Nigerians are still insistent on keeping inter-tribal rifts freshly dug. One that comes to my attention every now and then, and of which I have grown tired of hearing about, is the age-long quarrel between the Yorubas and the Igbos. Haba, this matter no dey end sef?

Image credits: prozac 1, Idea go

Honestly speaking, even though I have consulted different points of view about this matter, I am yet to understand the cause of it all. However, at this point, I am really not interested in the specifics anymore than I would be interested in weighing dog poop. I think this is where I borrow from my mum’s rationale for using the following method sometimes when she was confronted with our little sibling rivalries: flog both parties and send them to bed! (By the way, this is not a recommendation for raising children; but it wouldn’t hurt if some people would apply some common sense and just call it quits already.)

Being of Igbo descent, some of my closest friends are Yoruba. Coincidentally, some of the people I would avoid as though my life depended on it, are also Yoruba. I believe that people have a certain strength that can go either way, depending on the individual. Plus, your friend choices are up to you anyways.

Maybe the only way to ever settle this age-long quarrel would be to call a meeting of the two tribes in which only the appointed spokespersons from each tribe will be allowed to speak in order to settle this matter amicably. But I doubt that anybody has the time for that. Also, I believe at a certain point it becomes more an individual thing than a tribal (or racist) thing. That said, maybe what people who spend so much time on these kinds of things really need to do is grow up and invest their energy in some other hobby, or some other adrenaline-generating or time-consuming activity, and find satisfaction there.

Just some thoughts.




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