Resurrection Sunday

So, it’s Resurrection Sunday! How did you spend this day?

If you celebrated (or are celebrating) the Passover this period, I wish you a very happy celebration as well.

(Oh wow, I just discovered that there are two Easters in a year: Western and Orthodox. Interesting. I guess I’ll read more about that.)

Was at Church much earlier in the day and the children were ah-mazing with their presentations. I have to say, they always bless me with their innocent little ways. One little girl whom I think must have missed the rehearsals helped herself onto the stage, when she saw her age group on there, and started her own sound check on the mic. It was hilarious, and she was totally not done when the others filed out.

Image credits: luigi diamanti, Idea go

My pastor and his wife came up to do a joint delivery of the message, and it was powerful. I loved every part of it. Now for some weird reason I haven’t been very holiday-moodey lately; maybe I’m growing up? I don’t know. Anyways, I was able to take away something from today’s message.

One of the things my pastor spoke about was that the disciples did not really believe that Jesus would be resurrected. As he said, somehow it was easier for them to believe that Jesus could raise the dead, than that he would be raised himself; why were they looking for his body on the morning when He was raised? Even the opposition was better prepared for the resurrection, guards et al at the tomb.

Made me wonder if I sometimes look for God in the wrong places. I’m just glad the disciples looked anyways; and Jesus showed himself to them, which reminds me of how true God always is to His word: “…you will find me, when you search for me with all your heart” (Jeremiah 29.13).

Now off to bed.




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