Social Media: Character Limits

Image credits: ddpavumba, Idea go

I was just perusing my Facebook news feed as usual some minutes ago, and for some reason I recalled how tedious it can get to read some status updates. Now, for me, the word “tedious” brings to mind status updates and notes I have come across in the last few years. I recently started tweeting actively, and I very much recall a time in the past when Facebook had a character limit for status updates (if you remember this, raise your hands and say “aye!”). Some part of me misses those days, particularly because of how some can cause unrest with the quality of posts they put out there. And I mean that literally; else, how do you explain logging on to Facebook to relax after a full day of actively engaging your mind, only to be assaulted with different forms of literary jargon?

I don’t particularly remember if Twitter ever had a stricter limit, or if it has always been 140 characters. Still, and even though I appreciate Facebook’s substantial interest in maximizing the social networking experience, I think the

Image credits: Master isolated images, Idea go

“Zuckie firm” has gone a tad overboard with the increases in recent years. Let’s face it, humans will abuse anything tagged as free, even with the best intentions. Personally, I really don’t understand what it is a person needs to share that needs to exceed a 500-character limit every time, considering that some people have a hard time writing 500-word essays or even business proposals. Presently, Facebook statuses can contain upwards of 60,000 characters; add that to the Notes application on Facebook which I would have thought more people would use, while getting creative with it. I don’t know that Google+ has stated any limits, but I have seen from a couple of search results that a status update can contain as much as 100,000 characters. That’s a lot!

And though I would like to propose that Twitter and any social media with similar restrictions extend the maximum character count just a little more, I don’t think that might be a good move. But hey, maybe a couple more characters won’t be so bad after all.




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