For the past couple of days, I’ve been feeling pretty darn good about my mothering skills.  One of the most basic and most difficult things that parents have to do is feed our children.  By feeding them, I mean making them eat what we want them to eat.  It’s been a good weekend for feeding around here.  Our weekend menu:


I’ve no idea what anyone ate for breakfast or lunch, since I was at work, so we’ll just assume that they ate something at some time roughly close to meal times.  No one was starving when I got home, so we’ll call it good.  For dinner we had grilled burgers and hot dogs.  A no brainer.  Naturally everyone was happy and ate away.


Somehow I missed breakfast.  Maybe they ate breakfast?  I dunno.  Everyone slept late, then sat around in their pj’s for a while.  Again, no one was in…

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Today’s Question 05.27.12

Okay, here’s the thing. I really want to understand why a lot of people kiss babies on the mouth. I see this a lot and it just plain freaks grosses yes, freaks me out every single time, besides the health concerns I can think of. Seriously, I don’t know what I would do if I had a baby and someone tried to do that; I just know that my reaction would not be pretty in any way.




Interesting web finds 05.24.12

Going through my WordPress reader this morning and seeing some really interesting blog posts.

This is a must-read:

If Your Employees Are Squabbling, Your Company’s Probably Standing Still

Here are some other interesting posts I found, enjoy:

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Mindfulness Exercises: Endless Desires



Take the challenge…

I’m a bad, bad, bad procrastinator. But somehow, I manage to get some really important things done. And some other not so important things – at least, so they seem. Quite recently, I have been thinking about my much acclaimed love for reading, and about how little reading I actually do. I have ordered books off Amazon in hopes that I will one day read them. For some reason, the drive is not really there – at least, not much of it is anymore.

My reading journey began with some large-lettered Reader’s Digest books my dad used to keep back home in Nigeria. My dad loves to read! And, I remember quite clearly how much he used to ‘lecture’ me a lot in my much younger days about reading and its many benefits. Well, he still does every once in a while. Continue reading Take the challenge…

I find this blog post really interesting. I also like Say Hello To My Little Friend… by the same blogger. Enjoy.

Sarah Smiles Awhile

1.) How some people can go days and days or sometimes weeks without washing their hair. 

I just don’t get it.  As a hairstylist, this has been one of the most elusive things for me to try and understand about people.  I’ve come across many perfectly put together people, who just don’t like/or want to have clean hair.  Maybe the natural oils give them more body or control over their hair, or maybe they just like the organic smell of dirty hair.

I once overheard a boss telling a client, “You only need to wash your hair once a month.”  The client said, “Wow, really?!”  To which he replied, “Oh yes, I haven’t washed my hair in over two months.  I just rinse it out, and layer more conditioner on it.”  Uhhhh…Say what?!  I may never understand this concept.  I think I’ll stick with my fresh, shiny, and clean hair…

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Today’s Question 05.14.12

How do you handle people who depend on you for happiness?



100 things I just learned #4

At some point or the other in life, you will eventually realize and have to accept this fact: there will be things that you cannot do anything about. It’s okay to try, it’s okay to pray; but at the end of the day, you are only human.

Image credits: Sira Anamwong, Idea go

At such times, do what you can and allow everything else work out – give room for the pieces of your puzzle to fall in place. Getting yourself worked up over something you can’t change does not resolve anything. Leave it to God, let Him handle it.

Scripture meditation:

“… Be still and know that I am God…” Psalms 46.10