For the past couple of days, I’ve been feeling pretty darn good about my mothering skills.  One of the most basic and most difficult things that parents have to do is feed our children.  By feeding them, I mean making them eat what we want them to eat.  It’s been a good weekend for feeding around here.  Our weekend menu:


I’ve no idea what anyone ate for breakfast or lunch, since I was at work, so we’ll just assume that they ate something at some time roughly close to meal times.  No one was starving when I got home, so we’ll call it good.  For dinner we had grilled burgers and hot dogs.  A no brainer.  Naturally everyone was happy and ate away.


Somehow I missed breakfast.  Maybe they ate breakfast?  I dunno.  Everyone slept late, then sat around in their pj’s for a while.  Again, no one was in…

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