100 things I just learned #6

If you want it badly enough, go for it. 

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Let’s face it: when you come to a crossroad, you will not always get the answers you want. And sometimes, you may realize that you’re really just looking for one reason to not go for what you want. Continue reading 100 things I just learned #6


100 things I just learned #5

Actually, this is more something I’m learning than something I’ve learned; interestingly, a friend posted something along similar lines on Facebook earlier today.

Modus operandi: do not speak when you are angry. Continue reading 100 things I just learned #5

Just some thoughts…

Random blog post.

I don’t exactly remember what triggered this thought, though I remember noting it in my journal; I just felt like I needed to share this:

The popularity of a decision cannot make it right or wrong. The intent behind that decision is what often does, coupled with things like the nature and quality of the decision, as well as due consideration to whether or not it does more harm than good in the long run.



New opportunities

I like to see each new day, month or year as an opportunity to learn something new. I also like to see them as new opportunities to grow.

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So, it’s June! This is often the time of year when most people like to have a reality check. While you take a look at the months that have gone by, and those still ahead, do yourself a favor and keep your eyes wide open. Trust me, it will make all the difference in the world, especially if you’ve been putting in some hard work.

Enjoy the new month.



Scripture meditation:

… time and chance happens to everyone…

Ecclesiastes 9.11


“Eyes that look are common. Eyes that see are rare.”

~ J. Oswald Sanders