On bubble wraps…

Hello there, it’s been a minute since my last post.

So, I happened on a bubble wrap today, while sorting through some stuff – a bubble wrap that I had neatly stuffed away to pop at some future time. No, I’m not kidding. My immediate response was to stop what I was doing, sit down, and pop every one of those bubbles!

Now, I have always thought of this as some kind of addiction; but I just always dismissed the thought, because I believed I would grow out of it. Well, as I learned today, I haven’t. In fact, if you saw me popping bubbles, you would be amazed at the amount of concentration I put into it. There aren’t a lot of things I obsess over. But when it comes to bubble wraps, ooooh! I can never seem to stop myself – except, of course, I decide that I would have to pop those bubbles at some later date. I am still popping bubbles as I post this, stopping only to type. And I’m laughing out loud at myself, because it’s just so hilarious that I get so caught up with these bubbles.

So I took a casual look around the web today, just to see what I would find. Didn’t spend too much time looking either, but this article had me rolling on the floor: I absolutely could not get over the fact that the writer’s husband got her a 30-foot roll of bubble wrap. What???

After looking at a couple other finds, I gathered that things like Bandai’s PuchiPuchi and designer Herme Monica Garcia’s POMP have been made for bubble-poppers like myself. I don’t know about those, but I’ll take some good ol’ bubble wrap any day, thank you very much 😀




3 thoughts on “On bubble wraps…”

  1. I love bubble wrap too — and just when you think all the bubbles have been burst you find one that has not, and that is so satisfying. Never thought of it in terms of a gift though-sounds like a thoughtful (or crazy) husband. Love this post–glad there are other people who have unsung hobbies – do not think I will put it on my resume though.


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