Live effective

I would make this my eighth “100 things I just learned” post; but, I’m not quite where I need to be, regarding the topic I’m about to touch on.

Recently, I have been practicing the art of saying “No.” Mostly because I hate the feeling of being stuck, after saying yes to a commitment I could have just turned down. Resisting the urge to take on more commitments just because you are available can be a daunting task, especially if you are a perfectionist like me. And, as I am also learning, being a perfectionist does not necessarily equal being a productive person.

So, I’m up early this morning and looking through some posts by my favorite blogger, Michael Hyatt. This post caught my attention, and I agree with just about everything on the list. But I must confess, scheduling time to actually get work done is where I often miss it; not because I have a hard time scheduling – I love scheduling! – but because I have a hard time sticking with my schedule a lot of the time. I guess I just take it for granted that if a task is on the schedule, it will get done. Not quite always the case.

Have a similar problem? How are you dealing with it?




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