Living Beyond Your Feelings (Day 1)

Loving this post by Miss ARO.

I totally agree that we reinforce our feelings by speaking about them often. The same goes for our attitudes. I believe the more we speak about how we will act in certain situations, the more likely we will act as we have spoken.


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Today I started reading the book ‘ Living Beyond Your Feelings’ by Joyce Meyer and thought to myself. I think more people need to understand this. So everyday until I’m done reading I will post a valuable point from the chapter I have read.
I hope this blesses you!!!

Quote taken from the introduction.
“If I wake up feeling energetic and excited about the day, I rarely announce it to everyone I come in contact with; however, if I feel tired and discouraged, I want to tell everyone. It has taken me years to learn that talking about how I feel increases the intensity of those feelings.”

It would appear from this statement, that the more we emphasize our feelings, the more they become our reality.
Instead of talking about our negative feelings. Lets begin to talk about the positive ones so that they will increase.

So next…

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