First world problems

Today, I saw a news story about a motorcycle rider who was pronounced dead after an accident, and another about a man who died after being shot over a parking spot at Target. I wondered why Facebook did not have a “Praying” or “Prayers” reaction or something of the sort for sad news other than the “Sad” icon. No, I am obviously not as ingenious as Zuckerberg and his team of talented individuals who manage Facebook and keep it running with just about no glitches – but I think there ought to be a more appropriate reaction than “Like” or “Sad” for such sad news on Facebook.

That said, I had to take a step back and chide myself a little after this thought came to mind. In real life, the more appropriate reaction would be to reach out to the families of the deceased, assuming I knew them. But I don’t, and my sympathy quickly turned to curiosity when I saw the “Likes” on the said news stories. I really do hope that Facebook can do something in that regard soon. I am hardly one to comment on news stories and the idea of commenting appears less appealing by the day, especially seeing how many people have confused comment sections for their local street pubs.

I hope these families can find grace, comfort, and strength in this time because losing someone is never easy.

JC ©2017



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