We all begin life as Predators

Yes, we all really do. We all begin life feeding on what mother eats, contributing to changes in mother’s body – most notably, the famous baby bump which may or may not disappear after baby is born – and, in some cases, changes in mother’s mental health. In this time of hate and chaos, if we remember nothing else, we really all do have this in common: we all begin life as predators.

And, because we all begin life the same way, we all need the same basic chemistry and materials to survive. We all need blood running through our veins, a nervous system to respond to life and to our world… you know the drill. Apart from the obvious biological differences that make us male and female, and the various levels of melanin that make us black, white, red, brown, or yellow, the only other differences that exist are in our minds. Our faiths, our racial ideologies, our desires and preferences, our cultural beliefs. And that is okay. It is okay to express those differences because we are all different in the end, otherwise we would all be born American and either alt-right or alt-left by default.

Truth is there is nothing wrong with disagreeing with each other. We are, each of us, wired with the gift of independent choices. However, not everyone is able to exercise this gift and not everyone is mature enough to be out there spilling their guts on what should matter and what should not. I think we all agree on that part. Also, despite our disagreements, we are responsible for our own actions and reactions. As we can all see from the previous words, skin color is only external. Your brain is not black or white or red or brown or yellow just because your skin is. If you doubt that, ask a neurologist… or a neuroscientist. Your organs aren’t, either. That is why your body will not discriminate against a kidney or liver or heart from a black, white, red, brown, or yellow donor in the event of your needing a transplant during your lifetime.

It is alright to disagree, everyone. We all just need to remember that throwing tantrums and putting other people down with our words and actions will not solve the problems we have with each other.


JC ©2017


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