Disrupt… (III): Why Them?

Ever wondered about that?

But why not?

Why not them instead of a younger couple somewhere who had been waiting just 5 or 10 years?

God had His reasons. But as we can also notice, Elizabeth and Zechariah were tried, tested, and found to be true by God. They were consistent both in prayer and in service.

Think of it: “…your prayer has been heard…”

Zechariah had probably served as a priest all his life. So, if anyone understood the gravity of the instructions that were given for baby John, he did. He and his wife would have all the love you could expect to find in elderly folk – all that raw, pure love – without any of the compromise and the lure of the modern-day life. They would be loving enough yet also old-fashioned enough to understand instructions like “… no wine and no strong drink…”


Enter Elizabeth.

Zechariah’s term of service is finally done, and he is likely still figuring out this whole being mute thing. He returns home to his wife, and not too long after, she becomes pregnant. Now, I don’t know that at this point Zechariah has been able to tell her about exactly what transpired in the temple. But Elizabeth is pregnant, and she is probably excited and scared and unsure what to do, all at once. She probably also thinks about her now mute husband, and what her neighbors and friends and family are going to say or think when she tells them she is pregnant. Heck, she can’t believe it herself! So, she hides. She hides her pregnant self at home for five months.

See, even I had to stop at this point and clap some and laugh some, because – oh my God! I tell you, God has a pretty good sense of humor.

Just imagine with me, for a second, that you were a neighbor who lived down the street from Elizabeth and Zechariah. You heard the strange story, some five months ago, of what happened with Zechariah at the temple and you have not seen Elizabeth since that time. You imagine she is home hiding herself and getting over the embarrassment. Then, just as you sit on your front porch and allow your mind to wander some, you spot Elizabeth taking a walk down to the local market just a few houses down from yours. She is smiling and beaming, and you start to call out her name when you notice… wait, is that a baby bump?

It’s going to happen suddenly but not without a long process of waiting and preparing.

Mark Batterson, Enjoy the Journey

JC ©2017



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