Careful what you ask for

Caution: Read at your own risk

Truly, the saying Be careful what you wish for, lest it come true is a wise saying.

I recently did a series on how God sometimes chooses to disrupt our lives, as seen from the story of Elizabeth and Zechariah. The title of the first post was somewhat a prayer. I was seeing so many amazing things, so many amazing stories come alive. I’ve seen God answer prayers in unexpected ways and at unexpected times, but I was totally unprepared for what happened this time.

I had lost my voice sometime in September of last year after a dental procedure. Went a couple months sounding like I had a really bad cold, but I was never sick during that time. Despite exploring different vocal exercises I found on YouTube, in addition to my continuous consumption of warm fluids, tea, ginger candy, and mostly water – as a singer, these were really important – my voice only got worse. So, in early December, about the time of the Disrupt series, I booked an appointment to see an ENT. I was told I had a laryngeal cyst (it was a big, ugly thing in the back of my throat – I got pictures) and advised to schedule surgery – actually a microsurgery, but surgery nonetheless.

There were so many questions on my mind. I had been reading about people in Scripture being healed just like that, like it was nothing, like the problem was never really there to begin with. Some of these were shared on the blog’s Instagram page. It’s not that I never read these stories before, but it suddenly seemed like every time I opened my YouVersion Bible app, Jesus was healing someone. I thought, “Might this healing be something I experience this time?”

I continued as before with the warm fluids and scheduled the procedure for this month (January 2018). I was given dates for the pre-op appointment, the day of surgery, and the post-op appointment. (As a matter of fact, the reminder for my post-op appointment popped up today.) Now, a part of me did not really want this procedure. At this point, I felt like I was done with people poking around in my mouth and in my throat – and, this time, in my nose.

Long story short, my voice saw no improvement until just a few days after Christmas. I went to bed after recording a video of myself trying to sing along to one of my favorite CDs. By the time I woke up the next morning, I could hear myself clearly. I almost jumped out of my skin and I actually waited a few days before calling up a few people and posting voice notes to say my voice had returned to normal. I was beyond excited, it was a Christmas miracle! The pre-op appointment was still at least 10 days away so I tried not to get too excited. Well, shocker: on the day of the pre-op appointment, the doctor was just as shocked, the cyst was gone, as in bye-bye. His words exactly: you’re cured! And just like that, surgery was no longer necessary.

This may sound like something out of a storybook or even a movie, but it really did happen. I finally understand why the Pharisees hated Jesus. He literally made them look like fools for confronting Him about healing and performing miracles on the Sabbath. The evidence was undeniable! You tell me, what could be any more disruptive than that?


I am particularly grateful for the prayers of family and friends. Truly, prayer does wonders!

JC ©2018


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