Problem solving

Don’t get stuck analyzing the problem; move on to real-time problem-solving. #realtime #problemsolving


100 things I just learned #9: LET’S TALK

If you’re like me, you’ve probably cringed for the most part when you heard this phrase. Or maybe, you just checked out.

Conflict resolution is one of the things I’ve been learning about lately. No, I have not been taking any classes or seeing any counselors – though, I have at least once considered these options. Continue reading 100 things I just learned #9: LET’S TALK

Rick Warren quotes

People-pleasing is the flip side of envy. Envy says, “I must be like you to be happy.” People-pleasing says, “I must be liked by you to be happy.” ~Rick Warren

Word Activity

Word Activity

I love word games, though I don’t play as much anymore.

Here’s one of my favorite word games to play: make up as many words as you can using letters from the box in the photo. Try doing this without reusing any letters.

I once had to do something similar for a class in high school, and I remember writing out upwards of 200 words.

How about posting the longest word you find in a comment below?


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100 things I just learned #8

reflecting for understanding
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While there is a lot I am learning lately, this is the one lesson that stands out to me. It is one thing to know something, and another to understand what you know. Sometimes we can learn from the same experience over and over again. Our experiences help make and shape us. Looking forward is wonderful, but sometimes it is important to look in the rear mirror – not for regret, but for understanding.

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Loving my African writers

“Things Fall Apart” sold more than 12m copies and has never been out of print. ~ The Economist, 3/30/2013
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