100 things I just learned #9: LET’S TALK

If you’re like me, you’ve probably cringed for the most part when you heard this phrase. Or maybe, you just checked out.

Conflict resolution is one of the things I’ve been learning about lately. No, I have not been taking any classes or seeing any counselors – though, I have at least once considered these options. Continue reading 100 things I just learned #9: LET’S TALK


Bridging The Divide

As always, I wear my Nigerian identity proudly. However, it is pretty interesting to find that even though we herald many different heroes for their efforts and fight against racism and slavery, some fellow Nigerians are still insistent on keeping inter-tribal rifts freshly dug. One that comes to my attention every now and then, and of which I have grown tired of hearing about, is the age-long quarrel between the Yorubas and the Igbos. Haba, this matter no dey end sef? Continue reading Bridging The Divide