Take the challenge…

I’m a bad, bad, bad procrastinator. But somehow, I manage to get some really important things done. And some other not so important things – at least, so they seem. Quite recently, I have been thinking about my much acclaimed love for reading, and about how little reading I actually do. I have ordered books off Amazon in hopes that I will one day read them. For some reason, the drive is not really there – at least, not much of it is anymore.

My reading journey began with some large-lettered Reader’s Digest books my dad used to keep back home in Nigeria. My dad loves to read! And, I remember quite clearly how much he used to ‘lecture’ me a lot in my much younger days about reading and its many benefits. Well, he still does every once in a while. Continue reading Take the challenge…


100 things I just learned #2

I’m a light reader.

Image credits: creativedoxfoto, Idea go

I used to think of myself as someone who liked to read a lot. In reality, I read small portions and digest little bits of information, one at a time. Getting my Joyce Meyer magazine today made me realize that. I mean, Pastor Joyce is just really awesome, pouring out so much content. I like a lot of things as per writing and books, but I can hardly keep up. So, I guess the Enjoying Everyday Life magazines work just fine for me.

If you’re a light reader like me, I’m sure you’ll enjoy reading them; you can always get yourself a free subscription here.